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Living in the Infinite LIVING IN THE INFINITE
A Guide for the Perplexed

Stan Smith

Have you ever felt confused about how to integrate your spiritual life with your material life? According to the author, Stan Smith, the need for this book arose from his experiences and observations of almost two decades as a teacher in the Actualism program for spiritual growth, transformation and integration. These observations came from his interaction with numerous students who were dedicated to exploring the processes of their own personal identities and growth, but often expressed confusion. The confusion was not unique to these individuals, but was, as the author explains, inherent in our cultural understanding of the interconnected interrelationship between the infinite and eternal, and the finite “here/now”.

Living in the Infinite explains the complexity of the design of the individual human being, one’s personal relationship with the Creator aspect, and the powerful inner drive on the part of the Human to understand and integrate that relationship in day-to-day living. The author provides a series of experiential sessions designed to assist the reader in moving from intellectual understanding to actual experience of “being”. These graduated sessions start with a foundation experience, then build on that to more expanded awareness of the unique nature of the Infinite Beingness and yet Finite Embodiment that is the paradoxical challenge of human existence.

An important part of this book is an excellent, detailed set of Appendices which allow for more in-depth exploration of the historical and socio-cultural evolution of religious thought and practice, in relation to the Infinite/Finite, dual nature of humankind.

Lucia Press, Carmel, CA
ISBN: 0-9788124-1-7

52 Ways to Protect Your Teen52 WAYS TO PROTECT YOUR TEEN:
Guiding Teens to Good choices and Success*

Susie Vanderlip

“My experience across America with gang members and wanna-bes, Goth, skaters, druggies, foster-care kids, cheerleaders, athletes and high-achievers ah revealed that teens have the same basic need as adults: the need to be loved.”--Susie Vanderlip

Drawing on her many years of experience in helping teens and families improve their communication, increase their mutual compassion and actively heal from the emotional struggles in their lives, author Susie Vanderlip, has succeeded in putting together a useful guide for parents, grandparents, therapists, counselors, teachers, employers, or any adult who truly cares about the teens in their lives, and teens themselves. Even if your kids are still wee-ones, this is a book that belongs in your collection of indispensable reading material.

2006 iParenting Award Winner

Susie Vanderlip's newest book, "52 Ways to Protect Your Teen" is  a celebrated winner of an iParenting Media Award.

Each year, iParenting Media Awards evaluates products for the Excellent Products of 2006 Call for Entry. An expert reviewer, a childcare setting, and a family each review and evaluate the products that are submitted. The iParenting Media Executive Committee then performs the final approval and compiles "a list of the award-winning products that families can feel confident in purchasing for their loved ones" (iParenting.com).
View the List of iParenting Award Winners

Intuitive Wisdom Publishing
ISBN: 09744624-9-7

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Let Go and Live Your Dream

Aleta St. James

Author Aleta St. James made the national news scene not too long ago as the oldest American woman to give birth to twins, just days before her 57th birthday. A former student at the New York Actualism Center, St. James shares the wisdom and processes she has undergone during the more than twenty-five years she has worked as a counselor and coach. Her story is particularly directed at today’s contemporary woman who, in the struggle for success and self-fulfillment has lost something of herself in the process. Life Shift outlines a step-by-step process whereby the reader can reconnect with the deepest longing and provides encouragement to living a life that is not only more balanced but filled with satisfaction, success, joy and ultimately love.

ISBN: 0-7432-7692-2

The Politics of Reincarnation

Lea Terhune

When a westerner thinks of Tibet it is difficult to separate the geography from the religion or either from the politics of the area. For most westerners, Tibet is located in a far away land, high in the Himalayas. It is Shangri-La, with Ronald Coleman and never growing old. It is a place of mystery shrouded in mists and challenges of isolation. It is Buddhism and the Dalai Lama, the religious leader of the Tibetan people, who makes his home in India, a country to the south; it is a place under the political and military dominance of Communist China, a country to the north.

Author Lea Terhune skillfully and truthfully brings a part of the Tibetan political landscape into clear focus and provides the western reader with insight into the history, background and personality of the 17th Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje. This well researched work unlocks the riveting tale of the Karmapa’s disputed incarnation, and traces the roots of the Kagyu tradition and the history of the previous Karmapa in order to illuminate the tale of the young man born to play a key role in the future of Tibet.

Lea is a writer and editor who was based in India from 1982 until 2005. She has also worked as a correspondent and producer for CNN International, Radio Deutsche Welle, ABCNews.com, and the Voice of America. In addition, she edited SPAN Magazine for the U.S. Embassy for more than seven years. She has maintained her connection to Actualism through the years. Recently she returned to California where she pursues her career as a writer and bodyworker.

Wisdom Publications
ISBN: 0861711807

Reconnecting to the Sacred Origins of Money
2nd Edition

Barbara Wilder

An historical, scientific and metaphysical exploration of money; where it came from, how it works as energy, and what it means spiritually. Using this knowledge the author guides the reader through exercises and daily practices to bring abundance, joy and goodwill into his or her personal life.

ISBN: 0-9673346-0-8

Mary N. Stanley

In the early months of 2007, various media reported the passing of the last female World War II veteran. Mary N. Stanley was, at the time of her passing, one of the last remaining female veterans from that war. This small volume contains the thoughts and feelings of this remarkable woman who only began writing poetry at the age of 78. Born in 1920, a child of the Depression in the US South, Mary lived a full life which is reflected in this work.

Mary was an active participant in both the British and European Theater of War, and a Blue Ribbon breeder of American White Short-hair cats. The poems in this slim, but meaningful volume speak from the heart and deep emotional connections that the author made throughout her life. One senses that this author held tenaciously to hope and the upright, positive consciousness even to the end of her life in January, 2005.

Counterbalance Books
ISBN-10: 0977490653
ISBN-13: 978-0977490653


Word on PaperWORDS...ON PAPER

Valda E. Wells

The author, Valda Wells, was a valued member of the New York Actualism Center until her passing in January 2005. During her final months, she was able to bring together the works which appear in this small, but vital volume. Valda was an ordained minister and dedicated her life to service of others – human, animal, and nature. Throughout her life, she maintained a stoic stance which enabled her to bring to fulfillment projects which those less determined would walk away from. The words of poetry and prose contained within the covers of this book speak to a life which sought to balance the mundane and the spiritual, business and art, freedom and responsibility.

Counterbalance Books
ISBN-10: 0977490661
ISBN-13: 978-0977490660

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