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Actualism Board of Directors Meeting
April 20, 2023


  1. Approval of the 1-27-23 meeting minutes.

  2. Six-month review of FY2023FY budget, reports, and PayPal account information, including Centers as well as Corporate. Discussion of PayPal and Zelle payments in relation to our bookkeeping and record keeping systems, donations, and information regarding Administration Office functions, including communications with our accountant.  Discussion of proposal to streamline our accounting system. Review of investments.
  3. As the DBA is now in place, discussion of implementing it in Administration as well as throughout the organization.

  4. Review of the progress of the Five Point Plan, including a report from the Website, Art and Restructuring Committees.  Discussion of our future plans regarding marketing and social media, video projects, and teaching structure.
  5. Report of the 2023 Board Election progress.

  6. Discussion of our use of pronouns relative to gender in our publications and communications.

  7. Report of the summer and winter donation campaigns including scheduling the summer campaign.

  8. Update of the 2023 4th Retreat plans.

  9. Review of the remaining 2022/2023 Televideo Session dates.  Update of plans for the 2023/2024 season.



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